Ontario - Call of the North

15 miles west of Geraldton, Ontario, Canada

Call of the North

PO Box 697, Geraldton

Ontario Canada, P0T1M0

Phone: (800) 801-4080

Email: callofthenorth@yahoo.com

Bear Hunts

Welcome to Call of the North! We have owned and operated Call of the North for 38 years, which means you can count on us to provide the service we promise. It also means we have great experience with wild game hunting and fishing in the area– a direct correlation to the success of your trip. Your satisfaction with our facilities and service is our number one priority. We hope this is your first step towards an experience of a lifetime at our resort. We are positive that you will join the hundreds of other guests who have left our resort completely content with their experience and return year after year for more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our bear hunting package includes a 6 night hunt, and modern cabin accommodations.  All hunters must arrive after 10:00AM on Saturdays and depart by 10:00AM the following Friday.  Hunt services include daily baiting, professional skinning and quartering of your bear, and freezer service.

We also offer a free boat for some Walleye and Pike fishing during the day.  You must bring a small motor and fuel tank.

We have six private bear management areas, and no one will be hunting them but you.

We have our own proven bait recipe and bait techniques.  They work!  We bait weeks in advance of the hunt and monitor the baits, so we can choose the most active ones for our hunters.  Call of the North has consistently maintained a minimum 70% kill rate in our bear hunts for the last 30 years!  Many of our hunters see several bears before they choose to bag one.  We do the baiting, not you, so you can focus on your hunt.  Whether you are an archery, rifle or muzzle loader hunter – whether you prefer a tree stand or a ground blind – we will place you on a site that suits your needs.  Please note: You will need to bring and install your own tree stand for liability reasons.

You must provide your own transportation.  Please bring your favorite tree stand, so we can set it up according to your personal shot range and quickly move you to a new bait if necessary.  We provide consecutive bait sites for groups with only one vehicle so that you may drop each other off on your baits.  A majority of our baits are changed each season, and we rotate the use of our six Bear Management Areas, as well.