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"...when success is finally achieved you want to make the best of it by capturing the moment with quality photos that tell your story. With today’s digital equipment literally in our pockets every day, it’s pretty easy if you’re willing to take the time and effort." The Author gives you tips to, by photo, capture the story of your bruin of a lifetime.
"This pattern is so predictable, it’s downright fascinating how bears from Idaho to Maine and states in between will follow this pattern with few exceptions" The Author dives into the pattern that is common when baiting bears, even at opposite sides of the country.
“Never, ever miss an opportunity to include a child or someone who might not ask to go—just ask them. If there's someone you think, you know, I wonder if Bob would like to go. Well, don't wonder! Call Bob and ask him or ask Bob to bring his kids,” said Brent Reaves, a lifelong hunter, trapper, fisherman, and committed outdoorsman. You might catch Reaves on Clay Newcomb’s Bear Grease Render podcasts.
If you’ve ever had the change to handle some bear fat, you know that everyone comments how smooth their skin is. So how about customizable chap stick? Chap stick that can soothe chapped skin, maintain the moisture on skin and lips, or could just be used for bug bite relief? Chap stick that a husband would proudly carry in his pocket because it has BEAR GREASE from his bear. I won’t go into a deep of a dive with how over the counter chap sticks can be more harmful than helpful. A quick internet search will give you plenty of content to peruse on the matter. I have found a solution to the problem and have made a chap stick that I can control what goes into it! It’s a win/ win all around. Natural, Healthy, and sustainable!
Have you ever tried custom orthotics to help your feet in the backcountry? The Bear Tech, @kolby_morehead, gave @sheepfeetoutdoors a shot and had some positive results.

Keys to Early Season Success

Early Fall Hunting Strategies for Hunting Black Bear

Trying to give very specific tips for bear hunters on what bears are eating nationwide is a difficult task. Obviously, food sources are not the same in the Pacific Northwest as they are in, say Arizona, or even the eastern side of my state. Therefore, I want to focus on ideas and strategies to help you narrow down for yourself exactly what the bears are eating this time of year (or anytime really). After reading this, you should have a good basis to further your knowledge no matter the season you are hunting bears.
-Doug Boze-
PA does not allow baiting or hunting with dogs. The most successful way to hunt PA Black Bears has traditionally been by conducting drives. There are two groups in these drives, the hunters doing the walking (or drivers) and the hunters in front of the drivers waiting for the bears to run towards them (or standers).