Tallow (animal fat) based soaps have been around as long history has been recorded. Originally used for cleaning clothes, it eventually became something that we found fitting to use on ourselves.
Hunting is under attack. If you don’t believe me, check out www.howlforwildlife.org and notice the action items they have available for you to comment on to make your voice heard. From bear hunting coast to coast, to beagles used to hunt rabbits (yes, you read that right), we, as hunters are being assaulted relentlessly by the well-funded and organized anti-hunting establishments across the United States. We could use some victories. January 21st, 2022, in Washington, we got one. To quote Robert Kroger, Founder of Blood Origins, “Today we took one step closer to getting back the spring black bear (hunt). It’s just one step. Not the finish line. It’s a full court press to March 1st.”
It is worthwhile paying attention to what Paul Frame, Alberta's Large Carnivore Specialist has to say about keeping clear of grizzlies and other large carnivores that can mess up your hunt. As grizzly populations recover in Alberta and expand in other jurisdictions, the risk of a hungry bear stealing your cooling animal quarters increases. There are plenty hunters can do to keep meat harvested safe.

Picking the Right Outfitter

Picking the right outfitter can make or break your experience.

When I started big game hunting over 20 years ago, outfitted hunts were generally off the table. I was either too cheap to part with the Benjamins needed for such an adventure, or frankly didn’t have enough of them. Furthermore, because I often prefer a DIY approach, I passed on the outfitted option. Over time those feelings have changed. Although the DIY approach is still my preferred method, using the resources that a quality outfitter offers is often a better approach, especially when it comes to spring black bears.
-Brian Strickland | @backcountry_brian -